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    Serviced Apartments in Guangzhou

    Canton Tower

    Once the world’s tallest structure, the spectacular Canton Tower spirals upwards like a twisted rope, to provide a rooftop observatory by day and to emit a radiating glow by night. 

    Guangzhou Museum

    Sitting atop the beautiful Yuexiu Mountain within the Zhenhai Tower, the winner of the 2013 International Architecture Award showcases Chinese paintings, Chinese calligraphy, tablet inscriptions, exquisite objects and lots more collected from past centuries in what is still among the Top Ten Tourist Attractions of Guangzhou today.

    Guangdong Provincial Museum

    Built on the former site of imperial examination hall in the 1600s, the museum boasts a collection of 124,000 pieces of cultural relics such as ceramics, paintings, ink stabs, wood sculptures, coins and more.

    Shamian Island

    British and French influences are prominently evident in this scenic island, as manifested in the houses, villas, churches, sculptures and tennis courts.

    Pearl River

    The third longest river in China, Pearl River plays witness to the city’s past and present by connecting the historical sites, cultural sites of Lingnan, beautiful scenery and skyscrapers all in one, as it flows elegantly through the Guangzhou city, standing against the test of time.

    The Chen Clan Academy, or Chen’s Ancestral Hall

    The academic temple that used to provide an abode of study for the juniors of the clan more than 100 years ago continues to inspire today with its traditional Chinese architecture and rich folk decorations, such as wood carvings, plastic carvings, brick carving and engraving, that can be found on almost every beam, column and wall.

    The Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

    The 2,000-year old magnificent tomb is so well preserved that when discovered in 1983, yielded more than 1,000 burial artefacts, vessels, musical instruments and sacrificed courtiers who were buried alive to serve the emperor in death. 

    Chimelong International Circus

    The world’s largest permanent circus brings together top artistes from around the around the world, combined with intriguing storylines, costumes, special effects and amazing acrobatic skills into a concoction that never fails to thrill its audience, young or old


    The “star factory” for local musicians, the leader in night entertainment is a place to uncover and discover the best of original composed music. 

    5 Club Five

    Dream Bar

    One Lounge + Club

    Pier One

    Baiyun Mountain, or the Mountain of White Clouds

    Hailed as Guangzhou’s top natural beauty spot, the mountain that rises beyond the clouds is known for its numerous scenic spots and historical sites that withstood Chinese history since 900 BC.

    Haixin Sha, or the Haixin Island

    Set between Guangzhou CBD and the Pearl River, the former venue of the 2010 Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies is now an ecological and recreational island.

    Chimelong Safari Park

    The largest wild animal theme park in the world is home to over 500 different species and 20,000 rare animals

    Guangzhou Crocodile Park

    The largest crocodile-themed amusement park in the world houses more than ten thousand crocodiles and dozens of species of rare wetland birds.

    South China Botanical Garden

    One of the largest gardens in China, here you’ll find 2,400 rare and exotic plants in 5 greenhouses, 13 garden zones, exhibit displays and nature reserve that span 12 sq km.

    Xiaozhou Village

    Built more the 370 years ago, the village is characterized by classical Cantonese community landscapes and modern art, where houses line the banks of Pearl River as its branches weave elegantly through the past and the present. 

    Bing Sheng Restaurant for Cantonese cuisine

    Imperial Palace for Chaozhou Cuisine

    Tong Xiang Hui for spicy Sichuan & Hunan Cuisine

    Koyama for Japanese cuisine

    SORABOL for Korean cuisine

    A Yi Bao Yu for seafood

    Qingping Market

    With 1,200 booths covering 11,200 sqm (120,000 sq ft), here at the composite market that consists of many other markets, you can find a huge variety of Chinese herbal medicine, meats, agricultural products and by-products, food stuff, aquatic products and lots more

    Cultural Street

    For bargain-hunters who enjoy collecting antiques and traditional Chinese artistic creations.

    Haiyin Shopping District

    A great place for electrical and electronic appliances and gadgets, sporting goods and textiles, at bargain prices.

    OneLink Walk Shopping Mall

    Located in the central Tianhe, the mall houses international well-known fashion brands such as Mango and Zara, Ochirly, Hotwind and more

    Taikoo Hui

    Here at the exclusive shopping mall of 138,000 sqm that houses over 180 brands, are many internationally acclaimed brands, sophisticated lifestyle boutiques and restaurants serving exquisite cuisines.

    Grandview Mall

    Named one of the 10 greatest marts of the world by Forbes magazine in 2007, the Asia’s largest shopping centre is well-loved by shoppers from around the world for the lifestyle-oriented shopping experience

    Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

    The 440m-long most prosperous commercial street in Guangzhou never fails to amaze shoppers with its great variety of goods that are sold here, be it renowned brands or local brands, covering merchandise of all sorts.

    Shangxiajiu Road Pedestrian Street

    About 120m long, the street features unique architectures of European and Chinese styles that house some of the old famous stores and well-known restaurants. 

    Yide Road

    The wholesale market is popular for all kinds of toys, handicrafts and nuts.


    On the grounds of a former canned food factory is the Guangzhou art district transformed to make way for public art, creative studios, art galleries, art-trendy cafes and eateries.

    Art64 Gallery

    The gallery showcases a mix of oil-paintings and traditional works of arts alongside contemporary art forms, amalgamating the best for different countries from around the world.

    Fei Gallery

    Established in 2006, the gallery is a space for creative expressions, allowing for contemporary arts exhibitions, concerts, dance performances and dramas.

    Chimelong Paradise

    The largest amusement park in China sends your adrenalin rushing with the largest number of rides available, all built with the most up-to-date technology.

    Chimelong Waterpark

    It’s all about getting wild, wild, wet in this world’s largest waterpark that promises all-day endless soaking fun perfect for travellers with children.

    Fraser Suites Guangzhou

    Travellers looking for hotels near Canton Fair or hotels in Tianhe will appreciate the luxurious comfort and convenience of Fraser Suites Guangzhou.  With excellent proximity to major business and retail complexes and the transport links available, the property is well-placed for business and leisure activities, making it particularly ideal for travellers desirous of extended stays.  

    Fraser Suites Guangzhou

    OneLink Walk, 232_2 Tianhe Road,
    Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510620


    232号之二万菱汇 邮编: 510620

    • Facilities, Amenities and Services within the vicinity

      • Shopping malls: Onelink Walk and Taikoo Hui (3-minute walk)
      • Supermarket (5-minute walk)
      • Other city landmarks, for example, Canton Tower, Guangzhou Opera House (15- minute drive)
    • Nearest Transportation

      • Guangzhou East Railway Station (8-minute drive)
      • Shipaiqiao Station, Metro Line 3 (1-minute walk)
    • Getting to Fraser Suites Guangzhou

      By Taxi (approximately 44-minute drive)

      • Start from Airport to Airport Expressway
      • Turn to Huanan Expressway
      • Turn to Zhongshan Avenue
      • Turn to Tianhe Road and head towards Fraser Suites Guangzhou

      By Metro (approximately 1.5 hours)

      • Take metro line 3 (Airport South - Tiyv Xilu) to the Tiyv Xilu station
      • Interchange to metro line 3 (spur line) towards Tianhe Coach Terminal
      • Alight at Shipaiqiao Station and take station Exit A.  Fraser Suites Guangzhou is on the right.
    • About Guangzhou

      Guangzhou is the third largest city in China with a population of close to 13 million.     Located on the Pearl River approximately 120 km from Hong Kong, the capital city of Guangdong Province has been a major trading port, a national transportation hub, and a centre for cultural exchanges and many historical revolutions and reforms.

      The major seaport hails a colourful history of welcoming travellers from around the world who are constantly awed by its ancient temples, millenarian-old park, magnificent imperial tomb and architectures preserved to a tee.  The modern Guangzhong, on the other hand, is a dynamic city with a unique lifestyle, distinctive cuisine, iconic architecture and futuristic infrastructure.

      With a high number of restaurants per capita among the Chinese cities, Guangzhou is a great place for gastronomical delights.  Shopping is equally exciting where international brands line commercial districts and local, authentic finds at amazing prices flood the many street markets around.   Following good food and fabulous sightseeing, there is no better way to relax in one of the villages not too far away and enjoy some bird-watching

    • Essential Facts About Guangzhou


      Guangzhou has a lengthy monsoon season, spanning from April through September. Monthly averages range from 13.6°C in January to 28.6°C in July, while the annual mean is 22.6°C.  The relative humidity is approximately 68%.  Extreme temperatures have ranged from 0°C to 39.1°C.


      The main spoken language is Chinese, specifically Cantonese, although Mandarin serves as the lingua franca.

      Time Difference

      GMT +8 hours.


      The unit currency is Renminbi (RMB), which comes in denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Credit cards are widely accepted at larger establishments.

      Medical l Facilities

      Guangzhou has an efficient medical and healthcare network. General and specialized hospitals can be found in all of the city’s administrative districts. Foreigners in Guangzhou may seek medical attention at the hospital by presenting their personal identity document or residence permit.  

      Goods and Services Tax

      The standard rate of VAT in China is 17%. Some products enjoy a lower rate of 13% and this applies to books and edible oils.


      Smoking is restricted in the following public areas, where smoking rooms or areas are set up:-

      • Restaurants of over 150 sqm, or with over 75 seats
      • Entertainment and gaming venues
      • Indoor work spaces
      • Waiting rooms of public buses, taxis, coaches, metro, ferries, trains and airplanes